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Thailand is the only country in South East Asia to boast as uncolonised country for more than 800 years.

Many words are used to describe Thailand; Amazing Thailand, Land of Smile, Land of the Free and others. It is a magnificent vacationland as a whole, and once stepping into the Kingdom of Thais, you'll experience the myriad sights and sounds, fascinating blend of ancient and ultra-modern, and the unforgettable, Thai's heritage of warm hospitality and friendliness. You should also note that Thailand is an easy country to travel in with its cheap accomodation and efficient transport. It's simply amazing!

Destination Thailand.
There are plenty of historical places that you should visit, pristine beaches that you should sunbathe at, exotic and spicy food, admirable architecture, adventurous activities and floating markets that every tourist should have in their list. And while we are trying our best to include as much information for you as possible, here are the fast facts about Thailand for Malaysian visitors.

Country Name - Conventional Long Form
  Kingdom of Thailand (formerly known as Siam).  
  Constitutional Monarchy headed by King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Thailand is divided into 76 provinces.  
  Geography Location  
  Bordering the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, southeast of Myanmar, southwest of Laos,
northwest of Cambodia, north of Malaysia. Map of Thailand
  Capital Coordinates  
  Bangkok 15 00 North, 100 00 East  
  Total land area Climate  
  511,770 sq km Tropical; rainy and warm.  
  • Cloudy, rainy southwest monsoon(June to September).
• Dry, cool northeast monsoon (October to February).
• Hot (March to May).
Varies from 38°C to 19°C. Average temperatures are about 29°C.
Click here latest Bangkok weather info.
  Best time to visit  
• Between November and February as it is averagely not too hot and less rainy.
• Visit the south during March to May.
• Travel to north during mid-November to early December or in February.
• Peak tourist months are August and December.
Thai is the national language. English is spoken in major cities.
Majority of the Thai population is formed by Ethnic Thais while a mixture of Chinese, Mon, Khmer,
Burmese, Lao, Malay and Indian origins produced a degree of ethnic diversity.
Buddhists 92.55%, Muslims 5.29%, Christians 1.34%, others 0.79%.
• Thin, light, loose cotton clothing is most recommended. It's wise to avoid nylon.
• Prepare a sweater if travelling to north, northeast or mountainous area.
• Jacket and ties are required in some restaurants and nightclubs.
• Neat clothes are required for entering temples or palaces.
  Water Food  
Drink boiled or bottled water only. Rice, spicy curries, flavoursome soups.
  Business Hours  
Most businesses' operation hours are from 8.30am to 5.00pm local time, Monday to Friday.
  General Banking Hours  
Starts from 9.30am to 3.30pm local time, Monday to Friday.
  Public Transport  
Flights, buses, trains, taxis, tuk-tuks(motorised rickshaws), samlors(bicycle rickshaws) and
songthaews(small pick-ups).
  Transport for Rent Visas  
Cars, jeeps, vans, motorcycles. Visa-free entry up to 30 days for most countries.
  Time Currency  
GMT + 7 hours. Baht.
  Exchange Rate  
  1 US$ = ~ 40-45 baht. 1 MYR = ~ 11-12 baht. Click here for Currency Converter.  


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